College Coaching.

Dj guides college-bound students grades 9-12 through the application process with a personalized, holistic approach. Students explore academic opportunities, pursue authentic growth activities (extracurriculars), select relevant standardized tests, set goals and plan, research colleges and build a balanced target list, and complete a comprehensive, compelling application. With Dj’s support and guidance, students learn about their strengths, build self-initiative, and determine their college fit. With the process of whole person development, students build confidence, take initiative, and find fun in the college application journey.

College Acceptances
Through scholarship, community engagement and hard work in the classroom and beyond, Aptitude students have gained acceptances to the following colleges and universities since 2010:


Academic/Scholarship – what has the applicant achieved academically? What is their combination of selected courses (challenge v high grades?), GPA (performance), and test scores (ACT, AP, SAT Subject tests)

Growth Activities = extracurricular endeavors – what does the applicant spend time doing outside of the classroom? clubs, music, art, sports, clubs, work, interests, etc.

Community, Service, Leadership Engagement – how has the applicant participated in or contributed to their community? service, volunteering, work?

Summer Productivity – how has the applicant used the summer term to explore interests, learn new skills, make an impact, or engage productively in a pursuit? summer activities with purpose (academic, service, travel, sports)

Application and Essays – how does the applicant present themselves in the application? Common Application – application details and essay(s), teacher recommendations, etc.

College Services

  • Academic/Scholarship Planning
  • Growth Activities
  • Community, Service, Leadership Engagement
  • Summer Productivity
  • College Target List
  • Application and Essays